Hi! We Are MerchMandu – Your Merch Facilitators

Here is little something about MerchMandu!

MerchMandu was created out of love for Merch by Amazon by Merchers, who understand the need for effective tools that can simplify the process. We developed MerchMandu to help people achieve more in MBA even with a less technical background. Time is money and we value your time and help you gain more in less time.

Our Motto – Be Prolific with an Ease

What do we do?

We like to call ourselves the Merch Scientists. We are always experimenting with various ways to make this Merch business easier for users with less knowledge about it. This way we aspire to make Merch easier to use so that the users can reap the benefits in no time.

We work constantly to help people find the best possible and easiest way to make Merch handy. We aim to save you from the manual research and assist you to be more productive and successful with your t-shirt business.

What does MerchMandu do?

MerchMandu boosts your Merch by Amazon business in simpler and effective ways:

Saves Your Time

Unlike traditional methods of keyword and product research and listing, we do it steadfastly. Merch Rest saves your time with a better interface than Amazon itself where you can view all of the listings in a single interface.

Organizes Data

Researching and finding the data you need is comparatively easy than organizing those data. Our intelligent tool delivers the organized date with all of its attributes such as price, product name, features, and image.

Sort & Track

Bid goodbye to the time consuming manual research. The innovative Merch Rest tool will do it all for you. It lets you sort the results on the basis of price, BSR, etc. You can effortlessly track any product or keywords and monitor your as well as your competitor’s business.

Real-Time Filtering

Our brilliant tool delivers you a better search result experience. Our search elements are designed with real-time filtering that will deliver you tailored results for your convenience. You can perform a quick check for competition, trademark availability and a competition score in a jiffy.

Export Results

After filtering the results and listing the data that you need, you can then export it in a .csv file. This is easy and saves your time.

Design and Resize

Our designer tool lets you design your next t-shirt in a matter of seconds and resizer tools will save you from long grating manual resizing process.

Explore our brilliant tools and see the results they bring to you.